Reasons for a Strawman

These are the reasons for using a strawman:

  • You want to file the opposition anonymously because you want to avoid a potential conflict with a competitor. On the other hand, you want to attack an opponent's patent as early as possible.
  • A supplier of you holds a patent for a product you need and you want to have another supplier as a second source and reduce your dependency on this supplier.
  • You want to avoid that a competitor recognizes in which technical areas you are interested in.
  • They want to file more than one opposition to a particular patent in order to be able to argue differently for each case.
  • You have your own patents in the technical field of the opposing patent and, by reasoning, you do not want to have any potential disadvantages to your own rights of protection.
  • You want to reduce the price of a licence during licence negotiations.

We offer our support as a strawman for the filing and processing your opposition before the European or the German Patent Office.